Feng Shui Aspects Newsletter
October 2011
Mary Shurtleff

Greetings and Salutations From Mary

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, this year in my Animal book I spoke of changes and upheaval in the governments and churches. Well, Wall Street is now feeling the wrath of those they have wronged. It is seriously time the banks and credit card companies are reprimanded for their bad treatment of their clients. It seems they have taken bail out money, used it on themselves, and are still foreclosing on and denying loans to those who need it the most. Now, they finally have to pay the piper. It seems the corporate and political elite will finally have to listen or else they may find themselves in the food and unemployment lines as well. And rightly so.  They do not belong in power if they are not doing their job appropriately anyway. Just saying!!

Disclaimer: These aspects are strictly the opinion, research, and observations of Mary Shurtleff and are no way to be used as fact but only insight. Use you own common sense to discover what is right for you.

Feng Shui Monthly Aspects for October

This month the #9 of expansion luck flies to the center of the ba-gua possibly bringing with it victory, celebration, and prospects for success. As it meets the #7 of instability, this month only adhere to calculated risks. We may begin to see a bigger shift in the economy and money this month as people are jockeying for position, as we are seeing at Wall Street. The combo of fire and metal this month in the center of the ba-gua may address old patterns and negative behaviors and set up a clearing of the old and preparing space for the new. There may be an aspect for conflict and some violence, so always follows the wise words of Gandhi.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
Mahatma Gandhi


Continue to place water and lighting in the center of the home this month to bring forth illumination on that which is not clear and water for a quick clearing and cleansing of the negative. You may also place solid earth objects in the center of the home such as a Buddha or Jesus for Spiritual guidance, a Kuan Kung for Protection and Crystal Balls for clarity and grounding. This month on a personal note, we may also see more people celebrating births, weddings, and promotions.

The #1 of Career flies to the Northwest to join the #8 of money bringing promotions and highlight to the Pig, Dog, and Patriarch of the family.  Anyone with a NW facing front door may place running water on the dragon side of the home. (Left side as you are facing out your front door.) Everyone should continue to place running water in this area with a metal or golden Dragon to enhance career fortune.  Also place a laughing Buddha in this space to temper the conflict of the clashing elements of water and earth. The earth can direct the water to career luck.

This month, the #2 black earth star flies to the West of the ba-gua possibly bringing with it an increase in illness of the lungs or respiratory. The Rooster needs to be careful of his/her health.  We may see more outbreaks of flu this month in the West. The skin may also be affected. Use extra metal, such as wind chimes or coins to offset this aspect. If your bedroom is in this area, place a metal wu-lou or calabash by your bed.

The #3 of conflicts flies to the Northeast of Ox/Tiger.  Place a green elephant on its side in this area to help with communication skills and offset conflict.  If your front door or bedroom is in this area, remember to exercise regularly to burn off that excess emotion and energy. Place extra lighting or a red Buddha in this area to offset the strong wood aspect. The Ox/Tiger may be extra sensitive to noise this month so keep noise levels down in the NE. Don’t awaken the Tiger or stampede the Ox. Trouble may follow.

Place 4 bamboos in water in the South of your home or office this month to activate the #4 academic star for insight. This is a good time to journal and write. Place the crystal globe here for clarity in writing and speech. For romance luck, place peonies and mandarin ducks in this area.  Since this is the peach blossom for the Ox, Snake, and Rooster, they must be careful of extra marital affairs. Place a purple amethyst geode under your bed with a red string tied to the bed leg to keep your energies from wandering.  Be smart; don’t do anything stupid this month. This month the #2 illness star is weak in the presence of the strong #4 Wood energy.  The horse will feel a reprieve.

The #5 flies to the North this month joining the #3 of conflict. The Rat may feel uprooted and displaced from it usual place of calm, common sense, and patience. They may feel in conflict with their own emotions. Use lighting and fresh air in the home to clear out negative energy and bring in new ideas. Place a red laughing Buddha in the North to bring in feeling of Peace and calm. Place also the Tree of Life to remind you of what is important. Place new salt water in the North of the home this month to stabilize the home or business.  Keep activity low in the North this month. If your home faces the North, place a salt line at your front door to absorb negative energy. Ride out the storm, everything happens for a reason.  

Place 6 Chinese Coins in the Southwest for power and authority to the women. This will be a strong month for women.  Place running six coins in this area this month for windfall luck.  It was announced today that three women received the Nobel Peace Prize  http://news.yahoo.com/nobel-peace-prize-goes-womens-rights-activists-103726719.html
Funny how this works?? 

Place fresh water in this area to clear out old energy blocks and allows new ones to flow. Raw or leaded crystals will also enhance your writing abilities!!

The East of the home and the Rabbit may see some serious ups and downs this month. This aspect could wreak havoc on families. Be sure to place a NEW salt water cure. Make it an extra large one this month.  Also display the blue Elephant and Rhino to protect against backstabbing and legal entanglement. You may also wish to place the Crane of longevity and/or a Buddha or Jesus here for Spiritual guidance. Be sure to place the tree of life in this sector reminding you of the importance of your DNA programming and family bonds.  This month practice patience and kindness within your family bonds. Don’t make snap judge decisions that may affect your family this month. Sit back, think about it. Next month will be better.

The money star flies to the Southeast of the Dragon and Snake this month.  Place citrine stones and water in the Southeast to enhance this factor.  Place a number 8 or the infinity symbol on its side in this area with 6 Chinese Coins tied with a red string. With the already present #6 of power and authority this combo makes the sky the limit for this sector. This month do meditations in this sector. Get your priorities and goals straight and head on down the road to success.

Have a wonderful month. And Say to yourself today and each day after:

I am at peace. I am full and satisfied. I chose today to live as if it is my last day on earth by doing those things that make me happy. I can find joy in all the little things I have to do. Peace lives at my core. Joy lives on my face. Prosperity surrounds me. 

Peace be with you. Love M.

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