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Prophecy and Predictions:
2017 Year of Chinese Yin Fire Rooster

Yin Fire Rooster

The rooster is crowing at daybreak of 2017 signaling a new day and year.  From the morning fire of dawn raises a colorful metallic bird with all hues of the rainbow. Is it a powerful woman Goddess or a confident man of gentle nature?

Soothsayers believe the animals speak to us through their behaviors. Last year, I told you to hold onto your hats. The Fire Monkey’s wild ride would be a ride many would not soon forget. The year of 2016 proved to be chaotic and unpredictable, much like the behavior of an unruly monkey.

This year, watch for the Rooster to strut his stuff and bluff his way to stardom.  We may see a lot of talk and a lot of walk this year. The Rooster loves to crow and be seen. That influence will dominate our social scene this year. This year promises party’s, soirees, and gatherings in finery fit for a king.

The year’s Yin Fire Rooster, also known as Ding You, is inherently yin metal in nature and meets the year  element of  yin fire. When the discipline of the metal meets the unbridled passion of fire, the year may feel a bit bi-polar or have an unexplained duality. Which will win—discipline or passion? Or will they blend and twist together in a complete balance to create a perfect masterpiece?

The Chinese Rooster, associated with the Phoenix, is representative of all the powerful bird family bringing new opportunities and chances to your front door.   What we lose in the ashes of the past can rise again in our future. This year is the year of new beginnings and scenarios. Strike while the fire is hot! Use the resources,  the strength and tenacity of the Phoenix Rooster to make it happen.

Find out how.  Found out now! What will your destiny hold in the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster?

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