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Engaging My Magic Within
Engaging My Magic within
These energies help your physical body function most efficiently, as they advance your consciousness into a place of knowing,  where all is possible—as you engage Your Magic Within.


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The Realm of Spirit - The Connected Being New Normal This book features actual stories of coincidence and angelic guidance, as well as pictures of unexplained energetic activity.

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The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui Alchemy This book is an easy, step-by-step guide committed to unleashing your spirit by balancing the energy of your body

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Reconnecting the Spirit Reconnecting It explores a combination of information on our spiritual connection to God

$ 19.95

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Harness the New Year with Feng Shui and Meet the Chinese Animals Animal Book

Harness the New Year with Feng Shui and Meet the Chinese Animals

A guide to yearly adjustments that should be done every year to enhance your well-being.

Purchase the e-book, Ask the Animals and They Shall Teach Thee,


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