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I am asked all the time why I choose to teach classes. I teach because I love it first and foremost. I love sharing what I have learned with others so they, too, can enhance their life and knowledge of the how the great mystery of be-ing can work in their favor.

When we were children we were taught from the standpoint of those who raised us--our parents, our school teachers, our babysitters, our peers, our siblings, the news, the TV, etc. However, this information as it is filtered through our brains and emotions affects our well-being either in a positive manner or a negative one.

I feel my teachings give options to discern your past learnings and connect them toLucky Bamboo today's goals. What needs to be changed will be and what is solid and needs to be enhanced can be. The door of opportunity and change is always open to everyone at any time they wish to open their arms and embrace it.

I teach to inspire and enlighten. I teach to spread hope where there was little or forgotten. I open faith back up where it was beaten down due to the stresses of life's fun little speed bumps in the road. I teach balance of the mind, body, and spirit. The body and the mind have a incredible capacity to restore all that has been compromised.

Come join our classes to learn to reconnect to your spirit and the spirit of those around you. Find you’re happy again and balance it with the mundane. Life is an adventure to be lived to its fullest. Regrets come from what we didn't do--not what we did!!

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